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Please enjoy "Kamakura Chuka".

"Kamakura Yamashita Hanten" is a Chinese restaurant founded for 30 years, cherishing local customers.

Kamakura Chinese

It has been 30 years since it was loved by local customers in Kamakura!
Kamakura Yamashita Hanten, a Chinese restaurant for Japanese people, has been loved by local Kamakura customers and has a 30-year history.
We provide Chinese food with a light but rich Kamakura Style, valuing the taste of the Japanese rather than the Sichuan Style / Cantonese Style.
We pride ourselves on the fact that even customers who are not good at Chinese cuisine will surely be satisfied with the taste.
Please enjoy this opportunity.
  • Hotel special dinner course

    This is a special course only for hotel guests.
    We have a variety of items and contents to suit your preference.
    The Shonan Kamakura Fully Enjoy Plan, which includes boiled shark fins and Peking Duck, is a luxurious 9-item course that is hard to find anywhere else.
    Too much ...If so, how about a special course?
    You can fully enjoy the royal road Chinese food.
    Our original menu Kamakura Chinese course is also popular.

    If you have any allergies or foods that you are not good at, please let us know.
    If you have any questions about the number of people or your budget, please feel free to contact us.
    • Shonan Kamakura Fully Enjoy Plan
    • Kamakura Chinese course
    • Special course
      • *Private rooms are also available, so please contact us if you have a request.

        Period available:
        From 17:00 to 20:00(LO21: 00)
  • Breakfast

    We will ask you the desired menu from Chinese porridge, Japanese food, Western food at the time of check-in.
    Please choose your favorite menu.
    Especially popular is Chinese porridge.Have a delicious Chinese porridge from a Chinese restaurant.

    Fare:1,500 yen(Tax excluded)
    Time:From 7:00 to 9:00

    * In the case of a group, we may have a unified menu.
    * If you have a meal request before 7:00, please contact us in advance.
    • Chinese
      Chinese rice/Steamed chicken/Marinated scallops/Jellyfish salad/Tea egg/Fried bread/Fried wonton/Kneaded plum/Apricot tofu

      *Other menus may change depending on the season.
    • Japanese Food
      Grilled fish / Boiled deep-fried regular oil / Seasonal Shonan vegetables and scallops / Stewed fried shirasu / Spicy fried radish and pork / Onsen egg / Seasoning paste / Kamakurayama Natto / Rice / Miso soup / Vegetable pickles

      *Other menus may change depending on the season.
    • Western Food
      Mini France / Roll bread / Potov (soup changes according to season) / Salad / Bacon / Wiener / Cheese / Yogurt / Scallop marinade / Tea egg

      *Other menus may change depending on the season.
      • *If you have a meal request before 7:00, please contact us in advance.

        1,500 yen(Tax excluded)
        Period available:
        From 7:00 to 9:00
  • Lunch menu

    We recommend a great lunch menu for lunch.
    Please choose your favorite main dish.The menu changes monthly.
    You can order a different main dish with your family and friends and share it.
  • course menu

    A number of course that abundantly use various seasonal ingredients and local ingredients for each season.
    Introducing this month's course.
  • A la carte takeout

    Of course, we also have a large selection of individual items.
    Small size (2 or 3 servings) is also available.Why not make your own "My course"?
    We also have a variety of drinks.We especially recommend comparing Shokoshu.
  • Kamakura Yamashita Hanten

    We have private rooms and halls that can be reserved for any number of people.
    Not only for ceremonial occasions, but also for welcome and farewell parties and gatherings of friends.
    • Kamakura Yamashita Hanten

      Business hours
      【Saturday / Sunday / Holiday】
      (* January 1 to 15) 11:00 to 21:30(LO21: 00)

      From 11:00 to 15:30 (LO15: 00) From 17:00 to 21:30(LO21: 00)
      【Private Room】
      Big and small:5 rooms
      Half private room:1 room  

      【Banquet dishes】
      Up to 60 people(Standing 100 people)